Mojra Vogelnik-Škerlj

Mojra Vogelnik Skerlj (1980) comes originally from Slovenia, from a family of architects, painters, puppeteers, musicians, dancers and gymnasts. She is formally graduated in architecture (2006) and have been steadily busy with the 'moving’ and the 'still’ arts.

Besides contemporary dance and research classes, sports and yoga, she was intensively involved with the Brazilian (martial) art/dance/ritual capoeira. After travelling around Europe, to the East (India, Nepal) and to the West (Brazil, Caribean) she established in Slovenia ‘Mandinga – an association for Brazilian culture promotion and capoeira’.

In 2008 she met Jasper Džuki Jelen, with whom she collaborates intensively since 2010. They move, create and teach together researching physical contact in performance, group dynamics, the principles of capoeira, live music and movement interaction etc. In 2011 they created a performance for Crosstown in Korzo Theater, their duet In the Midst of Confusion and started Shine, their 3rd production.

When learning to land from a fall, is a friend the one who catches you or the one who doesn't? What about someone who knows how to land but doesn't tell you? Is the one who pushes you to fall a friend? or is that only if you asked them to push? (perhaps at an unexpected moment, to make it 'real'.) Maybe it is easier to have no friends at all? Thats one way to eliminate the whole trust issue...

In T(h)rust Forward gaan vijf daners snel veranderende en uitdagende verbindingen met elkaar aan, op zoek naar de betekenis van samenwerking en vriendschap. 

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